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Ten years after our foundation, Excellent Development launches a new website to reflect our vision that millions of the world's poorest people's lives will be transformed through sand dams.


Excellent Development relaunches to become 'Excellent - pioneers of sand dams'.


Excellent Development expands its vision to promote sand dams throughout the world as a solution to water and food insecurity in dryland areas.

As part of this vision, Excellent forms a strategic partnership with the registered Kenyan NGO, Africa Sand Dam Fondation.


Simon Maddrell is appointed full-time Executive Director of Excellent Development


Excellent Development Kenya (EDK) is formed as a registered international NGO in Kenya by Esther Ithau, Simon Maddrell and Joshua Mukusya.

Joshua is appointed Executive Officer of EDK.


Excellent Development is registered as a limited company by guarantee and registered as a charity by subscribing members Simon Maddrell, Stephen Owen, Chris Pockett and Darren Worsley. The company is formed to support Joshua Mukusya extend the Utooni Development Project model throughout Machakos and Makueni, Kenya.


A pilot project to add tree planting to the Utooni Development Poject  terracing and sand dam model is started by Simon Maddrell and Joshua Mukusya.


Simon acts a assistant leader of the 'Water 4 Life '95' expedition hosted by the Emmanuel Youth Project, which wins the Times Education Supplement international development award


Simon completes a study of the first ten years of the Utooni Development Project, started by Joshua and six families to provide solutions to their problems of food and water.


Simon leads the 'Harranbee '85' expedition to Kenya. The expedition supports Joshua with building sand dams and domestic water tanks with rural communities.


Simon Maddrell meets Joshua Mukusya, a Kenyan development worker. Together they plan a venture scout expedition to Kenya.

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Registered in England & Wales No. 4432166. Registered charity No. 1094478