Our philosophy & values

Our philosophy and values define who we are, every action we take and how we behave towards others. They are our most profound convictions. Each of us is called to respect, experience, enact and promote them.

PEOPLE & RELATIONSHIPS:  We respect all the people with whom we work and build mutually beneficial relationships.  We believe that the best results are achieved through working together.  We enable self-leadership, personal development and empowerment.

ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY:  We believe that sustainable poverty alleviation can only be achieved through the conservation of the environment.  We believe that people and wildlife can live in harmony with their environment. 

SERVICE: We exist to provide excellent service to the people we work with in order to deliver our vision.  We ensure that the peopel we support enact their right to identify their own needs and priorities. We anticipate change and respond with speed, agility and flexibility to maintain our excellent service. 

NOTHING COMES FOR FREE:  We value our supporters, and we respect the dignity of the people we support, by not giving away things for free. The people we support make
a significant contribution to every Excellent Development project.

EXCELLENCE: We strive to be excellent in all we do.  We promote the improvement in the quality and benefit of our work through continuous learning and the sharing of knowledge.

INNOVATION & PASSION: We are passionate and inspirational about our work.  We demonstrate creativity, ingenuity and energy.  We are innovative and entrepreneurial, taking calculated risks in pursuit of our vision. We ensure decision making is made at the most efficient and appropriate level.

INTEGRITY:  We do things right and keep our promises.  We are professional, honest, fair and transparent in all that we do.  We manage the resources made available to us responsibly, efficiently and effectively.  We are uncompromising about our ethical principles.

BUSINESS EFFICIENCY:  We run Excellent Development like a business, bringing the best of corporate skills, principles and experience to achieve our charitable objects. We responsibly and efficiently manage our supporters’ investments to achieve lasting positive impact for millions of the poorest people.

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Registered in England & Wales No. 4432166. Registered charity No. 1094478