An investment that lasts for generations

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Excellent Development's trust fundraiser, Tanya D'Souza, in Kenya with Africa Sand Dam Foundation team member, Bernard Ngei Ndolo.

Members of the Wasya wa Athi self-help group, Kenya.

Wasya wa Athi B SHG  May 2012 #8

Walking on water.


Members of the Wasya wa Athi self-help group sharing the water from their sand dam


A scoop hole in the sand dam revealed clean, fresh water


The Kithaayoni self-help group are growing Kale with water from their sand dam


For future generations, carrying water like this over long distances is in the past.

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The Commission is delighted that the project Jersey has supported has been such a success as Excellent Development is a relatively new agency appointed by JOAC, which was selected due to its expertise in this innovative style of aid.

Senator Paul Routier MBE, Chairman


The highlight of my trip was hearing how the hard work of self-help groups is paying off, and how sand dams are improving the lives of future generations.

Tanya D'Souza, Excellent Development's Trusts Fundraising Officer


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