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Getting back to basics
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Worrying weather
Miamba Mitamboni SHG - Collecting water 13
Water for families
Giving us consent to contact you
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Jobs at Excellent: Fundraising and Admin Assistant
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Excellent Development Safeguarding Policy
Sand dams’ health dividend
Women carrying water_Kenya
Press for progress with sand dams, water, women and nature
1,000 sand dams! An Excellent milestone
Maasai and their livestock in Lekurruki, Northern Rangelands
Extraordinary impact from sand dams in Northern Kenya
S.H.G Wasya wa Athi_ Group Vegetable Garden_ 21.08.2015 220
Sand dams see 80% of farmers increase income
Ndi-Nzwii SHG_Seed Distribution_Oct 2012 5
Jobs at Excellent: Management Accountant
New Year, same issues, fresh hope
Sand dam expedition 8-14 July 2018
£81,431 raised in Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017!
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Creating a sand dam movement
A winning formula
Annual report photo thumb
Excellent's annual report's list of success
Community members - thumb
Our Annual Report: 2016/17
Ngatho SHG tree nursery
My work experience with Excellent Development
David meeting a community at the Nyoka sand dam construction site in Zimbabwe
When ancient and modern technology meet
Wumiisyo wa Kiumoni veg plot for website
Isle of Man Government supports Excellent to provide thousands with water with sand dams
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Lekurruki Conservancy Trust's new board bring strength and equal representation
Scoopholes up the river behind the road crossing 2
The sand dam road crossing that’s providing thousands of Maasai with water security
The far-reaching impact sand dams have on improved water access in rural Kenya
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Inspiration and collaboration at the 2017 Rotary National Conference
Sand dams providing clean water in Zimbabwe: meeting WHO standards
A sand dam road crossing provides water – and bridges a divide between communities
Severe drought predicted to scour Kenya
A word from supporters - Fondation Ensemble
Lekurruki update: Why we're there, what we're doing
Excellent fundraiser runs the London Marathon
A word from our supporters - The Explorations Company
Turning the tide on water scarcity in Kenya
Excellent Development_Christmas Appeal
Help spread the miracle of sand dams this Christmas
A Kick Start, Not a Hand out
Excellent Development_Nigel Reader [thumb]
A New Treasurer at Excellent
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An Excellent change at the top
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Excellent Development at World Water Week
Excellent Development sand dam_Lekurruki_Kenya (Thumb)
Our first sand dam in Lekurruki
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Excellent Manx Thanx
What a year - thumbnail image
What a year!
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Manx People Give a Kick Start for Over 70,000 Lives in Rural Kenya
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The evidence: Water in sand dams is clean
Most people depend on livestock - thumb
A sand dam for people, livestock and wildlife
Children at a sand dam - thumb
Excellent Development becomes observer at UNFCCC
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Excellent Development joins World Water Council
A week to remember - sand dam expedition 2014
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Long-term help from The Charitable Foundation
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Give As You Earn
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Great achievement in this year’s Fred Whitton Challenge
Alison Bell: "The perfect day is when we're not needed."
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Give as you Live
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Donate through flowers
A truly global partnership
Sand dams: what people think
Excellent fundraiser cycles from UK to Italy
Simon Maddrell awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship
Tim completes the marathon des sables
Excellent Development Launch Sand Dam Manual
RICH Paul, Rich, Dave end 1 - THUMB
Richard Barnes - Excellent supporter
The passing of a pioneer
Excellent expeditions
Thank you Rotary clubs for supporting Excellent
Groups supported by Rotary
Sharing with nature
July 2018 sand dam expedition - hear from the volunteers and the community!
How sand dams are changing the quality of life in rural drylands
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