A sand dam for people, livestock and wildlife

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Currently, water scarcity results in poor family and livestock health in Lekurruki.
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Peter Matunge is the Manager of Lekurruki Conservation Trust (LCT), a community-owned area of land in northern Kenya.

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Lekurruki is a harsh semi-arid environment, characterised by drought, land degradation and insecurity.

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The region is home to significant elephant populations, at risk of human-elephant conflict and poaching.

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One of the freshwater springs currently shared by people, livestock and wildlife.

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Excellent Development is coming to fill a very big gap that we have been trying to manage... In 10 years’ time I would like to see this conservancy able to manage itself, be sustainable…The community able to live a better life: having good schools, health centres, water sources, clean water, and able to conserve wildlife and the environment.

Peter Matunge, Lekurruki Conservation Trust (LCT) Manager


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