Excellent Development Wins Nestlé Runner-up Prize.

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See the Nestlé Film on Excellent Development and ASDF

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Charles Muendo, ASDF Field Officer, shows the seed banks that provide food security for Self Help Groups in Kenya. Image ©Nestlé
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Nestlé were impressed by how Excellent supports communities to grow more food thanks to effective climate-smart agricultural techniques. Image ©Nestlé.

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Because the majority of people supported by Excellent Development are subsistence farmers who rely on the land and natural resources for survival and income, the impact of this project on local communities is great and we are proud to enable them to expand it.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman of the Nestle Group.

We can replicate the same success stories that we have gathered in this area to areas beyond Africa, Beyond Kenya and all over the world.

Stephen Musyoka, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, ASDF


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