Manx People Give a Kick Start for Over 70,000 Lives in Rural Kenya

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Thanks to the people of the Isle of Man, over 70,000 subsistence farmers in Kenya are transforming their own lives.
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Patricia Ndambuki: "Don't even mention how happy I am. I am very, very happy."

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Members of the Kumina Wauni self-help group, one of the communities supported by the Manx people.

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Elizabeth and other members of the Star Ya Thange self-help group were supported to develop a communal farm plot. The harvest is shared out between group members or sold at market for a shared profit.

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The Wumisyoo wa Kiumoni group's vegetable plot looking healthy six months after the last rains through irrigation from their sand dams.

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"In ten years, the Manx people have helped transform the lives of 73,393 people. By next year that number will match the entire population of the Isle of Man. Just think of that. For every person living on the Isle of Man there is a person in rural Kenya who's life has been transformed - all because of them.”

Simon Maddrell, Executive Director, Excellent Development

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The International Development Committee of the Council of Ministers is the Isle of Man Government body responsible for funding aid projects in the world's less developed countries and for providing donations to international emergency/disaster appeals.

We face lots of challenges...but we are fighting poverty by growing vegetables. We will sell the surplus and earn an income to pay school fees...don't even mention how happy I am. I am very, very happy.

Patricia Ndambuki, Star ya Thange self-help group, Kenya.

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