Our first sand dam in Lekurruki

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Excellent Development sand dam_Lekurruki_Kenya
An arial view of Excellent Development's first sand dam in Lekurruki, northern Kenya - completed in February 2015.
Excellent Development sand dam_Lekurruki_Kenya (2)

The sand dam will provide up to 40 million litres of water for people and elephants in drought-prone Lekurruki.

Excellent Development_Kenya

A lone elephant searches for water in Lekurruki's semi-arid landscape.

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“Last year we had a drought. This year there’s a possibility of a drought. People are already planning to move to other areas, because already it’s January and there’s no grass; no water.”

Peter Matunge, Lekurruki Conservation Trust Manager

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Excellent Development_elephant_Lekurruki_Kenya

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