A hands-on donation from Andrew Paterson

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In 2012, Dr. Andrew Paterson funded the construction of a sand dam for the Wendano wa Kithyululu self-help group. He even went to Kenya to help build it!

Andrew Paterson at the sand construction site of the Wendano wa Kithyululu self-help group.

The 2012 sand dam expedition worked with the Wendano wa Kithyululu self-help group to build this sand dam.

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It was pleasing to be working with what is a relatively small charity and to understand that the donation I was making would go entirely to the end product.

Dr. Andrew Paterson, Excellent Development supporter

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My life will totally change. I will no longer be going to the River Athi [13km away] to fetch water because I will have water in the sand dam.

Mary Peter, Wendano wa Kithyululu self-help group, Kenya


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