Celebrating Universal Children's Day

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Women and children in drylands spend many hours every day collecting water. As a result, children have little time and energy left for school.
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In Kenya, children who live near sand dams save an average of five hours each day that can be invested in their education.

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With water from their sand dams, parents can grow a greater variety and quantity of food, resulting in a better diet and income for school fees.

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These excited kids from the Kamuithi Primary School in Kenya have just had a water tank built at their school, bringing clean water even closer and saving even more time.

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I reap a bumper harvest now. Once I plant greens, the money I would have spent on them in the market I direct to paying school fees for my children... They do well in Mathematics and Kiswahili.”

Joyce Musembi, Ithime self-help goup, who have built eight sand dams


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