“I want to make money for my children’s education whilst I’m still alive and healthy”

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William Kivuva Wambua inherited a dying farm from his father. A nearby sand dam has helped transform his farm and enabled him to send his children to school via money from his produce.

William can now grow pearl millet which is highly drought resistant and can be ground into flour and mixed with milk to make porridge. Medicinally the grain flour is mixed with water and used to treat diarrhoea.


William and Excellent's Digital Media Manager, Dwain Lucktung, meeting at William's village in February 2016.

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Now we can harvest more than ever before

William Kivuva Wambua, a member of the Mukutano Shamba self help group and community in southeast Kenya


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Did you know...

UKAID is providing funding over 3 years for 20 communities to improve food security through increased access to water (via 62 sand dams) and food production in Makueni County, Kenya.



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