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Sand dams are helping to create opportunity and hope for rural communities in Kenya.
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By replenishing groundwater reservoirs, sand dams enable vegetation to flourish and create the potential for people to plant crops and trees.

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In Kenya, women and girls spend an average of six hours each day collecting water.

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Sand dams provide a sustainable source of clean water within short distances of people’s homes.

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The time saved, together with the water available, enables people to grow more food.

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Walking 25Km with a 20L jerry-can is quite hectic. It took us around 8 hours if we had a donkey. With the sand dam it will take 10 minutes so we will be saving quite some time.

Rebecca, Vimya wa Kyanguasi self help group, Kenya.


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I know there is something good in the soil. It has wealth. Others are not aware that there is much they can get from the soil if they treat it right.

Josephine Kavita, self help group member, Kenya.

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