The need for trees

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Watch this short film to see more about our work supporting rural communities to plant trees.

89% of Kenyan farmers we have supported are practicing agroforestry - planting trees on their farms - compared with a national average of 50%

Excellent Development supports Self-Help Groups to establish tree nurseries to propogate seedlings during the dry season for planting during the rains.


Agroforestry conserves biodiversity, supporting a wider variety of insects, birds and other animals.

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“The trees are used as a means to sustain the land and thus to sustain the production in the long run. Also, agroforestry is a very good system to both mitigate and adapt to climate change because as a complex system it minimizes the risk.”

Gerard Buttoud, a consultant to the FAO.

Since we came together with [ASDF] I have knowledge on farming and digging tree-holes. I know how to germinate tree seeds such as Melia volkensii, and others.

Josephine Musyoka, a member of the Kumina Wauni Self-Help Group in Kenya.

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