Sand dams = sustainability

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Combining sand dams with climate-sensitive agriculture techniques allows farmers to grow a surplus of food, even in times of drought.
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As the water in sand dams spreads horizontally, it recharges the aquifer, allowing vegetation to grow and reversing the desertification process.

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Communities with sand dams report that they save up to 8 hours a day, which was previously spent on collecting water from distant sources.

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Last week my own child was sent home from school to collect fees. Because I have tomatoes that I have planted, I was able to have some income, the child went back to school. That would not happen before. Also the children that will be growing up will have a good balanced diet. They are having vegetables, they are having a variety of food crops because of the use of the water and that will enable them to have good body, good health as they grow up.

Regina Makao, Malaika self-help group, Kenya


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