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£35 could provide a wheelbarrow to help build a sand dam, providing lifelong water
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£10 a month is enough to provide safe water for life for one person, every month
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£75 could provide someone living in drylands with a set of tools to build a sand dam
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£20 a month means a family living in rural drylands can receive farming tools and training to flourish for life

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sand dams.

Excellent Development is a not for profit organisation that supports rural, dryland communities to work their way out of poverty with dignity. We work with local partners to support communities to build sand dams, which provide clean water for life and the opportunity to grow more food to eat, store and sell. Sand dams empower communities, putting their future firmly in their own hands. We believe that they will transform millions of lives. Find out more about what we do

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Thousand people with clean water


Self-help groups supported


Sand dams enabled


Million metres of terraces dug


Thousand trees planted


School water tanks built


Rock catchments built


seed banks started

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Excellent Development are Sand Dam experts.

Since 2002 we have enabled rural, dryland communities to build 988 sand dams in around the world.

Sand dams transform lives. They provide a sustainable, clean, local source of water for rural communities, saving time and creating opportunities for farming, education and poverty alleviation. By breaking the cycle of dependence Sand Dams create choice; freeing people to realise their own potential.

A sand dam is a reinforced concrete wall built across a seasonal river. They can store up to 30 million litres of water in sand. By trapping water within sand, it is protected from contamination and disease.

Sand dams are the most cost-effective method of capturing rain water in drylands.

For information on sand dams, sand dam volunteering opportunities and sand dam fundraising ideas, look no further than Excellent Development. We want you to become a sand dam pioneer too. Together, we can pioneer sand dams in drylands worldwide and transform millions of lives.

Registered in England & Wales No. 4432166. Registered charity No. 1094478