Meet Alison Bell

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Hear why Alison supports Excellent Development

Alison Bell recording our BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

Alison Bell outside the BBC before recording our Radio 4 Appeal


Alison visiting our work in Kenya in April 2014.


Alison catches up with an old friend in Kenya in April 2014.

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I'm very proud to be associated with an NGO that gives so much more than just hand-outs, it gives hand-ups to people - the ability to take care of themselves, to become self-sufficient, to make sure that they don't need our help any more. That's certainly our aim and we're going a long way towards achieving it.

Alison Bell, broadcaster and Excellent Development trustee

Alison is currently the Managing Director of Globell Media - a company dedicated to training VIP’s, diplomats, politicians, business executives, public spokespeople and presenters in the art of dealing with today's fast moving, 24 hour media environment. 

Registered in England & Wales No. 4432166. Registered charity No. 1094478