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In Kenya, where only 50% of children make it to secondary school level, sand dams have a huge potential to raise the prospects of the youngest generation.


In Kenya, children who live near sand dams save an average of five hours each day that can now be invested in their education.


But sand dams not only free children's time to go to school, they also enable parents to grow more food and generate an income that can be invested in their children's future.


Improved access to water and better diets allow children to develop to their full potential.


Sand dams increase school attendance by freeing valuable time and improving health.

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During my time [as a child] we used to go to school with jerrycans and after school we went to fetch water. I want my children to live a better life than I used to live so that they may have enough time to concentrate in class.

Albanas Kioko Musau, Self Help Group member, Kenya


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