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Mangoes grown by the Kitandi Fruit Growers self-help group, with water from nearby Sand Dams.
Children at a sand dam

Water storage is a key intervention for the adaptation of agriculture to climate change. Excellent has supported 111 self-help groups to build 366 sand dams and 55 water tanks in the drylands of Africa.

Sand dam, terraces and trees

Greater inter-annual rainfall variability may be associated with lower GDP, particularly in poor countries. Sand dams provide a buffer and offset the risks associated with floods or droughts.

Sand dam, terraces and trees

Changes to water and soil management will be central to adaptation for most farming systems. Excellent supports farmers to build sand dams, terrace land and plant trees to conserve water and soil in drylands.


Agroforestry assists adaptation by increasing the capacity of soils to hold water. 88% of farmers we support practice agroforestry. Excellent has supported communities to plant 860,000 trees in dryland Africa.


Planting new crop varieties is an important adaptation response. 97% of farmers Excellent supports are planting drought resistant crop varieties including: cowpeas, dolichos, pearl millet, and finger millet.

Miamba Mitamboni SHG - Toggenburg goats  25

Sub-Saharan Africa is predicted to have the lowest daily calory intake per capita. Excellent supports self-help groups to breed Swiss Toggenburg goats with local breeds - resulting in four times as much milk.


Climate change is predicted to decrease crop yields by about 5% for each degree Celsius of global warming. Through climate-smart agriculture, 97% of the communities Excellent supports report an increase in harvest.


There is huge potential for the expansion of aquaculture even in the face of climate change. Excellent supports farmers to establish small-scale fish ponds using water from sand dams.

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Water fact

By 2025, 1,800 million people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world population could be under stress conditions.

Source: FAO


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