Annual Report & Accounts 2012/13

We are delighted to publish our Annual Report & Accounts 2012/13 - demonstrating our impacts during the year as well as outlining our strategic direction for the future. We have been supporting rural dryland communities for ten years. None of this would be possible without the extraordinary support of our generous donors; voluntary public speakers, Rotarians and Trustees; our dedicated executive team, and our operational partners.  

The potential of sand dams is huge. We hope this Annual Report reflects the impact of our donors and supporters investment and that we will inspire their continued invaluable support. 

This is Excellent

Our supporters are creating hope and opportunity for dryland families. Nothing we do would be possible without them. In this, the second edition of our new brochure, produced entirely in-house to reduce costs, we share the impacts of their support for some of the world's poorest people, and celebrate the fantastic ways people get involved to make it all happen. Thank you!

Creating opportunity and hope for dryland communities

Are you part of a Rotary Club, charitable trust or other organisation? Do you want to fundraise for us? Or help raise awareness about what we do? This brochure tells you everything you need to know about our approach to creating opportunity and hope for dryland communities - and how you can get involved. Download it here.

Pioneering Sand Dams

Our vision is that millions of the poorest people's lives will be transformed with sand dams. Find out what sand dams are and how they work, as well as their applications, impacts, and contribution to addressing some of the world's most critical problems. Download our 'Pioneering sand dans' brochure here.

Impact Report: Volume Ten

This year is Excellent Development's tenth anniversary. This report highlights the impacts of our work to date, who we've worked with to achieve them and how our supporters are helping us to realise our vision that sand dams will transform millions of lives.

Maddrell and Neal, 2012, Sand Dams a Practical Guide LR 1

The Excellent Development Sand Dam Manual

The Excellent Development Sand Dam Manual is a practical guide for the siting, design, construction and management of sand dams. It is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to implement sand dams. But, above all, it demystifies san dam technology - making it accessible to a wide range of people and organisations in drylands around the world. Order a free copy of the sand dam manual here.

Annual Report 2011-12

2011-12 has been a landmark year for Excellent Development: we have exceeded our original goal of supporting the construction of over 300 sand dams in Africa and, for the first time, reached £1M expenditure. This report details our finances for the year 2011-12 as well as highlighting the benefits and impacts of our work. If you want to know how we raised our money, how we spent it, how we are governed and what our objectives and vision are, download our Annual Report.

Annual Review 2010-11

Our Annual Review demonstrates our impacts and achievements, with a focus on the year 2010-11.

Annual Report 2010-11

Excellent Development’s Annual Report and Financial statements from 2010-11.

Annual Review 2009-10

Excellent Development’s achievements and impacts in 2009-10

Annual Report 2009-10

Excellent Development’s Annual Report and Financial statements from 2009-10

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