Alison Bell: "The perfect day is when we're not needed."

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Eight years after making 'Walking on Water', Alison returned to Kenya to see some of the people she first met when making this film.

Reunited. Alison catches up with Muendo, whom she first met while filming our documentary 'Walking on Water', eight years ago.

Meeting the family.


Alison learns some new moves with Esther and women of the Ithime self-help group, Kenya.

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It's just been astonishing to see the way that we've helped so many communities and individuals to meet their personal and group aims...They're no longer dependent on anybody. They can be self-sufficient. That's the whole point of Excellent.

Alison Bell, Excellent Development trustee

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It was an amazing experience for me. Life changing, in fact.

Alison Bell, Excellent Development trustee

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