To protect elephants, just add water

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People and wildlife often come into conflict at dwindling water sources. It is a recipe for disaster for people and elephants alike.
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One of the few freshwater springs in Lekurruki, shared by people, livestock and wildlife

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Droughts are becoming every more frequent in Northern Kenya, leading to increased migration of people and wildlife in search for water.

Most people depend on livestock

The Mukogodo Maasai are committed to conserving wildlife. We urgently need to raise another more money to build a network of sand dams on time.

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I remember the overwhelming smell most of all. The macabre carcass was barely recognisable as the beautiful animal I admire above all others.

Simon Maddrell, Excellent Development Executive Director

More about our work in Lekurruki

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Human-elephant conflict - why it happens.

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