Pioneering sand dams

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A sand dam is a reinforced concrete wall built in a seasonal sandy river.

Watch how sand dams can transform drylands and people's lives...


Walking on water: sand dams store water within sand; protecting it from evaporation and contamination.


Sand dams are suited to many dryland environments. Drylands represent 40% of the Earth's surface.


Sand dams are a tool that have many different uses.


Together with Africa Sand Dam Foundation we support organisations learn how to apply sand dam technology.

Stephen Hussey Dabane Trust

Excellent are promoting sand dam technology to researchers, policy makers and institutions to enable them to be built at a larger scale.

ASDF Water testing - Carousel

With ASDF, we are gathering more evidence on the benefits and impacts of sand dams.

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Sand dams are an affordable way to enable rural dryland communities to address hunger, poverty, conflict, climate change and land degradation and create green economic growth - all at the same time.

Simon Maddrell, Executive Director, Excellent Development

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