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See how, with our partners Africa Sand Dam Foundation, we are supporting rural communities with soil and water conservation in Kenya.


Climate change is causing large areas of drylands to turn into desert - making water increasingly inaccessible for rural communities.


Women and children in Kenya must often spend up to 12 hours a day just collecting water.


Sand dams create the opportunity to escape a life of subsistence: giving hope for generations.

Ilumu SHG Rock Catchment May 2012

Rock catchments harvest rain water from steep rocky outcrops...

Ilumu SHG Rock Catchment June 2012

...and funnel it to water tanks where it is safely stored.

Kivuthin Primary School Water Tank 11003T  (95)

School water tanks save children hours of time a day that can now be invested in their education.


It is the communities we work with that make these projects a success.


The communities we support invest at least 25% of the resources needed to complete every project.

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I am old. My teeth are not all there. But, I will never stop collecting water from my sand dam. That’s how proud I am... Now there is enough water for everything.

Mary Syokwia Kising’u, Kithaayoni self-help group, Kenya.


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“We have seen that with water available we can accomplish much" Peter's story #sanddam
“We have seen that with water available we can accomplish much" Peter's story #sanddam

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