For Faith Kiio, life used to be incredibly tough. 

As a mother of five children in southeast Kenya, she had no choice but to fetch and carry water for 10 hours every day. She walked a gruelling path, up a rocky hill to an old spring, carrying water in heavy jerry cans on her back on the way down. 

She described the trip as “unbearable”. The water sometimes made Faith and her family ill, causing stomach problems and bouts of diarrhoea  and yet she had no choice but to give it to her children to drink.

The constant search for water traps millions of people in a life of daily toil and poverty. But there is a simple solution  sand dams.

One sand dam can provide a thousand people with clean water for life. It costs as little as £10 per person.

Faith’s community, Nathangyu East B, built two sand dams. Now she and her family only have to walk 10 minutes to collect water. Faith uses the hours she’s saved to grow crops on her small farm  maize, pigeon peas and green grams. She is able to sell the surplus at market, meaning she has enough money to afford to send her children to school.

Building a sand dam is a long-term commitment. Once a community like Faith’s approaches us for help, we will support them for five years. We provide guidance in making plans for the future, as well as providing the tools, materials and expertise needed to build a sand dam.

We need regular donations, to ensure we can continue helping people like Faith to transform lives – not just their own, but their families and neighbours too. Could you help, with a monthly gift of £10 - or however much you can afford?

Your regular gift will provide ongoing support to people in drylands, enabling them to plan for the future and provide for their families. Once they have built a sand dam, they can use the time saved to invest in growing more food to feed their families, and selling the surplus at market. Faith is now able to grow trees (such as grevillea trees used for timber, as well as mango and orange trees) as the sand dam has increased the groundwater level for her farm, and she is amazed by how quickly they've grown.

“The biggest change from the dam is seeing my trees that I planted grow so fast, I had no trees before because there wasn’t enough water.”

Most importantly, Faith no longer has to endure the strain of the uphill trip to collect water. Looking back at the hill she used to climb, she says: “It makes me realise how different my life is now.”

Your regular donation could save someone like Faith from hours spent each day collecting water, enabling them to work their way out poverty. With your ongoing support, they can completely transform their lives, and those of their family, for generations to come.

Please help more people like Faith transform their lives, with a regular gift of £10 a month.

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