September 2018 sand dam expedition with Barclays Isle of Man

Barclays Isle of Man volunteers and community members share highlights from the construction of a sand dam they worked together to build in southeast Kenya in September 2018.Read more

525,000 children die each year from drinking dirty water resources

Supporting people in drylands to build sand dams, which provide a local supply of water, means that less children die each year from curable diarrhoea and women no longer have to bare this burden. Can you help by making a donation that will stop the suffering of communities living in drylands?Read more

July 2018 sand dam expedition - hear from the volunteers and the community!

Hear from the Excellent Development volunteers and community members who worked together to build a sand dam in southeast Kenya in July 2018.Read more

School water tanks

Water tanks store rainwater collected from the roof of schools. A typical school water tank can collect up to 104,000 litres of water, and they refill every rainy season. Each water tank can last over 25 years and require little maintenance. Each one provides water for generations of children.Read more

Southeast Kenya (Partner: Africa Sand Dam Foundation)

Excellent Development and ASDF have a strategic partnership based on shared values and philosophy. Together we have committed to community-led sustainable development and the global promotion of sand dam technology in drylands.Read more

Northern Kenya, Lekurruki (Partner: Lekurruki Conservation Trust)

Excellent Development and Lekurruki Conservation Trust have enabled the construction of several sand dams in the Northern Rangelands of northern Kenya, benefiting thousands of lives and many species of wildlife.Read more

Mozambique (Partner: Christian Council of Mozambique)

In partnership with Excellent, the Christian Council of Mozambique is currently building multiple sand dams per year in Tete, providing water security to thousands with all the additional benefits that comes with having access to a constant supply of water.Read more

Barclays Isle of Man build a sand dam

Excellent's Chairman, David Jordan OBE, reviews another successful sand dam expedition, this time with Barclays Isle of Man volunteers who helped to raise £40,000 for a new sand dam in southeast Kenya.Read more

Zimbabwe (Partner: Dabane Trust)

Dabane Trust and Excellent are working together with rural communities in the semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe to develop simple, appropriate and sustainable water abstraction and food production systems.Read more

"We feel we now have what was missing”

Through partnering with Africa Sand Dam Foundation and Excellent, Woni Witu self-help group's achievements include building four sand dams and three shallow wells, made possible through generous funding from the Isle of Man Government.Read more

where we have worked

Find out more about our work in India, Tanzania, Swaziland, Sudan and Chad.Read more

Excellent Development Powerpoint template

Doing a presentation at a school or workplace? Whatever the event, here is a template ready-made for you.Read more

"These are life-changing projects"

Katelembu Mazingira Initiative self-help group is made up of people from Kithatu village (in Makueni County, southeast Kenya), and they are the proud beneficiaries of our 1,000th sand dam (funded by the Isle of Man Government).Read more


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David Jordan talks sand dams with Isle of Man TV

Isle of Man TV interview Excellent's Chairman to find out more about the funding by the Isle of Man Government of sand dams in Kenya, which will help thousands of people achieve lifelong access to safe water.Read more

Excellent meets Manx supporters at Tynwald Day Fair 2018

Highlights from the event, including all the wonderful Manx supporters we met.Read more

Isle of Man Government supports Excellent to provide thousands with water with sand dams

Excellent Development Isle of Man have received £85,609 from the Isle of Man Government – money that will go towards the construction of four new sand dams, providing water security for 5,087 people.Read more

Manx People Give a Kick Start for Over 70,000 Lives in Rural Kenya

A big thank you to the people of the Isle of Man for their generous support to farmers in the drylands of Kenya.Read more

“The remaining distance that we have to walk together will now not defeat us”

The Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF), Excellent's partner in south-eastern Kenya, recently expanded their project area, so our former Programmes Officer came to meet the groups and see the result of their ongoing, hard work.Read more

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A summary of our cookies policyRead more

External Evaluation on the DFID-funded programme 2013-2016

This is the final evaluation of the three-year DFID-funded project that ended in October 2016 which set out to support 20 self-help groups (SHGs) in southeast Kenya to build 62 sand dams.Read more

The potential for sand dams to increase the adaptive capacity of East African drylands to climate change

This paper addresses the analysis and comparison of vegetation at sand dam sites and control sites over selected periods of drought, using the normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI). The results show that vegetation biomass was consistently and significantly higher at sand dam sites during periods of extended droughts. It is also shown that vegetation at sand dam sites recovers more quickly from drought.Read more