September 2018 sand dam expedition with Barclays Isle of Man

Barclays Isle of Man volunteers and community members share highlights from the construction of a sand dam they worked together to build in southeast Kenya in September 2018. Read more

July 2018 sand dam expedition - hear from the volunteers and the community!

Hear from the Excellent Development volunteers and community members who worked together to build a sand dam in southeast Kenya in July 2018. Read more

Excellent development sand dam expedition FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions about our sand dam expeditions. And we've done our best to answer them for you! Read more

A week to remember - sand dam expedition 2014

In 2014, nine supporters travelled out to Kenya to help the Athiani Farmers' self-help group build a sand dam. Read more

“I was really proud of what we achieved”

In May 2013, a group of volunteers travelled to Kenya to help build a sand dam with the Mutethya self-help group. The expedition was organised in partnership with TRAIN, a youth work charity that supports vulnerable young people in the UK. Read more

Excellent Development expedition with Quest Overseas

In this film, find out what happened when we teamed up with ethical adventure travel specialist, Quest Overseas, to support a community to build a sand dam. Quest offers gap year students the opportunity to get hands-on experience of sustainable development. Read more