External Evaluation on the DFID-funded programme 2013-2016

This is the final evaluation of the three-year DFID-funded project that ended in October 2016 which set out to support 20 self-help groups (SHGs) in southeast Kenya to build 62 sand dams. Read more

The potential for sand dams to increase the adaptive capacity of East African drylands to climate change

This paper addresses the analysis and comparison of vegetation at sand dam sites and control sites over selected periods of drought, using the normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI). The results show that vegetation biomass was consistently and significantly higher at sand dam sites during periods of extended droughts. It is also shown that vegetation at sand dam sites recovers more quickly from drought. Read more

An Assessment of the Microbiological Water Quality of Sand Dams in Southeastern Kenya

Water stored within sand dams is clean, and safe to drink! This is according to a 2018 paper written by Cranfield University Water and Science Institute. Read more