The future is in their hands

Excellent Development sand dam expeditioner, William Irwen-Bourdillon, visits a school in Ukambani region of southeast Kenya, to find out what impact a water tank has had.Read more

Reducing inconvenience and conflict with school water tanks

In a bid to ensure access to clean and safe water for the students and teachers, Excellent Development, in collaboration with our partners the Africa Sand Dam Foundation, supported the construction of a water tank at Kako Primary School...Read more

“Determined to succeed” in rural Kenya

Excellent Development’s Communications Manager, Dwain Lucktung, finds out what impact a water tank has had on the lives of the Iiani Secondary School students.Read more

"Running the school has become easier”

A student and principal from a school in rural Kenya share how much their lives have changed thanks to their water tank, built with support from Excellent and Jersey Overseas Aid.Read more

1 school water tank = safe water for hundreds of students and teachers

Excellent collaborated with partners the Africa Sand Dam Foundation to support the construction of a tank at a school suffering from water scarcity...Read more

Kisayani school water tank, 4 years on…

We revisit a school that has been transformed by a water tank, built with the support of Excellent and Guernsey Overseas Aid and Development Commission.Read more

Waterborne disease: global problem, local solutions

Onesmus Mutisya, senior teacher at the Ngiluni primary school, talks about the school's water challenges and how their new water tank is helping.Read more

A thirst for education

Headteacher Jeremiah Mueke shares his thoughts on the impacts of school water tanks.Read more