"Life in school has become more enjoyable"

When water supplies are low, drastic measures are often turned to in efforts to collect it. The construction of a water tank in Utini Girls Secondary School in southeast Kenya has helped to lift this burden, according to testimony from members of the school community. Read more

Enabling greater success

Having access to water on-site provides schools with the opportunity to grow and to try new things. In this story we see what new endeavours a water tank has enabled at Ngomeni Primary School, Kenya. Read more

Washing away water scarcity

Clean water is essential to improve sanitation levels in water-deprived areas. Looking at the case of Muunguu Secondary School, we see the positive effects a water tank has had on health and well-being in their community. Read more

"We are now getting enough water for our needs"

A visit to a school in a remote area of south-eastern Kenya reveals how a rainwater harvesting tank represents a solution to a number of issues that might otherwise harm students' ability to succeed at school. Read more

More than just water

A lack of clean water can impact nearly all areas of school life. In Maongoa Primary School in Kenya, we see how school life can be transformed with access to clean water. Read more

The future is in their hands

Excellent Development sand dam expeditioner, William Irwen-Bourdillon, visits a school in Ukambani region of southeast Kenya, to find out what impact a water tank has had. Read more

Reducing inconvenience and conflict with school water tanks

In a bid to ensure access to clean and safe water for the students and teachers, Excellent Development, in collaboration with our partners the Africa Sand Dam Foundation, supported the construction of a water tank at Kako Primary School... Read more

“Determined to succeed” in rural Kenya

Excellent Development’s Communications Manager, Dwain Lucktung, finds out what impact a water tank has had on the lives of the Iiani Secondary School students. Read more

"Running the school has become easier”

A student and principal from a school in rural Kenya share how much their lives have changed thanks to their water tank, built with support from Excellent and Jersey Overseas Aid. Read more

1 school water tank = safe water for hundreds of students and teachers

Excellent collaborated with partners the Africa Sand Dam Foundation to support the construction of a tank at a school suffering from water scarcity... Read more

Kisayani school water tank, 4 years on…

We revisit a school that has been transformed by a water tank, built with the support of Excellent and Guernsey Overseas Aid and Development Commission. Read more

Waterborne disease: global problem, local solutions

Onesmus Mutisya, senior teacher at the Ngiluni primary school, talks about the school's water challenges and how their new water tank is helping. Read more

A thirst for education

Headteacher Jeremiah Mueke shares his thoughts on the impacts of school water tanks. Read more