Improving health and daily lives

Sand dams provide a safer water supply as the water stored below the surface is protected from evaporation, contamination and waterborne diseases. Read more


Sand dams have a huge potential to raise the prospects of the youngest generation. They not only free up children's time to go to school, they also enable their parents to generate income to invest in their children's education. Read more

Empowering women

Sand dam projects empower women as they become decision makers and are able to generate income for their communities. Read more

Increasing income

In order to become more secure, farmers need to grow a reliable amount of food; enough to generate a surplus that can be sold at local markets. Read more

Climate-smart agriculture

It’s astonishing to see what can be achieved through these simple, but highly effective, techniques of climate-smart agriculture. Read more

Reversing land degradation and desertification

Conservation of the environment is critical to the economic development of people living in drylands. Read more

Sand dams for wildlife and peace

Sand dams reduce human to human and human to wildlife conflict in areas of Northern Kenya where there is conflict over scarce water sources. Read more