Southeast Kenya (Partner: Africa Sand Dam Foundation)

Excellent Development and ASDF have a strategic partnership based on shared values and philosophy. Together we have committed to community-led sustainable development and the global promotion of sand dam technology in drylands. Read more

Northern Kenya, Lekurruki (Partner: Lekurruki Conservation Trust)

Excellent Development and Lekurruki Conservation Trust have enabled the construction of several sand dams in the Northern Rangelands of northern Kenya, benefiting thousands of lives and many species of wildlife. Read more

Malawi (Partner: Churches Action in Relief and Development)

In 2019 we began working with CARD to conduct a study into the feasibility of sand dams in Nsanje and Chikwawa districts in southern Malawi, with hopes to establish a number of sites that are suitable for pilot sand dams in 2020. Read more

Mozambique (Partner: Christian Council of Mozambique)

In partnership with Excellent, the Christian Council of Mozambique is currently building multiple sand dams per year in Tete, providing water security to thousands with all the additional benefits that comes with having access to a constant supply of water. Read more

Zimbabwe (Partner: Dabane Trust)

Dabane Trust and Excellent are working together with rural communities in the semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe to develop simple, appropriate and sustainable water abstraction and food production systems. Read more

where we have worked

Find out more about our work in India, Tanzania, Swaziland, Sudan and Chad. Read more