90,000 litres of clean water pumped from one sand dam

Great news from the early stages of our water yield study. Read more

Thank you for tuning in to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal!

Thank you to all to tuned in to our BBC Radio 4 to hear our sand dam expedition volunteer, Sarah Parker, speak about the impact of sand dams and how they're helping farmers like Josephine to transform their lives. Read more

Sand dams offer a possible solution to climate change and drought in Somaliland

As the repercussions of climate change, drought and desertification get more dramatic than ever, we share what role sand dams can play. Read more

Combating the effects of climate change with sand dams

As temperatures continue to rise and the effects of climate change become ever more dramatic, what part can sand dams play in protecting the world's poorest people? Excellent's Programmes Officer, Callum Sheehan, shares his thoughts. Read more

Sand dams keeping the water flowing in Lekurruki

11 sand dams have been built since we starting working in northern Kenya in 2015. The impact has been dramatic says Callum Sheehan, Excellent's Programmes Officer. Read more

How sand dams are changing the quality of life in rural drylands

In 2015 Excellent and our partners conducted a survey into how the overall quality of life can improve during the time that communities are engaged with sand dam project work. Here are the findings. Read more

1,000 sand dams! An Excellent milestone

Programmes Officer, Callum Sheehan, looks at various sand dam success stories as Excellent Development reaches the milestone of enabling 1,000 sand dams in drylands. Read more

Sand dams see 80% of farmers increase income

Excellent's Programmes Officer, Callum Sheehan, reports on recent evaluations that illustrate how drylands communities supported by sand dams are seeing an increase in household income. Read more

Dignity or nothing

At Excellent, we often talk about helping people to work their way out of poverty "with dignity". This last word is such an essential element in our development approach, we wanted to explain a little more what we mean by it. Read more

£81,431 raised in Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017!

A big thank you to all that donated! Read more

Lekurruki Conservancy Trust's new board bring strength and equal representation

Excellent Development’s partner in the Northern Rangelands of Kenya, the Lekurruki Conservancy Trust (LCT), have a new Board and Conservancy Manager. Excellent representatives travelled to Lekurruki to meet the new team and establish the programme moving forward. Read more

The sand dam road crossing that’s providing thousands of Maasai with water security

Over 4,000 people and their livestock now have accessible access to safe water thanks to the sand dam road crossing. Read more

The far-reaching impact sand dams have on improved water access in rural Kenya

New research highlights the difference sand dams make to the most vulnerable communities in rural Kenya. Read more

Sand dams providing clean water in Zimbabwe: meeting WHO standards

Latest evidence from Excellent's partners in Zimbabwe show how sand dams have improved the quality of water... Read more

Sand dams = sustainability

A deeper look at what makes sand dams so special. Read more

A sand dam road crossing provides water – and bridges a divide between communities

Excellent's first sand dam road crossing will help reduce confilict and provide water for 2,000 people in northern Kenya... Read more

Severe drought predicted to scour Kenya

Excellent Development's former Programmes Officer Emma Seal reports on the impact of (and our response to) La Niña, a period which in eastern Africa is associated with prolonged, severe drought. Read more

Lekurruki update: Why we're there, what we're doing

Here’s the latest on why we're working in Lekurruki, Kenya, and the projects that your donations are helping to support... Read more

Smallholders and climate change

Smallholders make a vital contribution to food security and climate change mitigation in the some of the world’s poorest countries. With the right kind of help, they can do even more. Read more

No such thing as a free lunch

Migration and conflict over sparse resources are already on the rise, and hunger and poverty are likely to become more widespread, reversing hard-won development goals. It’s for those reasons that we observe World Day to Combat Drought and Desertification every year on 17 June. Read more

A New Treasurer at Excellent

Find out more about Nigel Reader CBE, who joined Excellent's board of trustees as Treasurer in 2015... Read more

An Excellent change at the top

Excellent announces the appointment of David Jordan, former Executive Director of Operations at the Environment Agency (2008-2015) as our new Chair... Read more