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Feeling generous? Help break communities free from poverty with large donations

We rely on the generosity of people like you to create lasting change for the people living in the driest, poorest parts of the world. Your support allows us to give communities the kick-start they need to break free from a life of drought and poverty. With larger donations, we have the ability to be more responsive and reach the thousands of people who need our help much sooner, before it’s too late. Read more

Make a regular donation and Create lasting change with sand dams

Regular donations provide tools, materials and ongoing guidance and support. They enable self-help groups to build a series of sand dams and boost their farming, bringing an abundance of food and water to their families, transforming lives for generations to come. Read more

525,000 children die each year from drinking dirty water - change lives one sand dam at a time

Supporting people in drylands to build sand dams, which provide a local supply of water, means that less children die each year from curable diarrhoea and women no longer have to bare this burden. Can you help by making a donation that will stop the suffering of communities living in drylands? Read more

Northern Rangelands sand dam appeal

Pastoralist communities in the Northern Rangelands, Kenya, need long-term solutions - before they reach breaking point. Please help us enable local people to extend the network of sand dams in the Northern Rangelands, so that more of them are able to withstand the ongoing drought. Read more

Give the gift of sand dams and water this Christmas

Nearly half of child deaths worldwide are linked to malnutrition. And for those who survive, it can affect their ability to learn, grow and play. This Christmas, can you help more people gain access to clean water, and to have the tools, seeds and training to grow enough crops to feed their children? Read more

International Women's Day Appeal

Supporting women in drylands to build sand dams, which provide a lifelong supply of clean water closer to home. Read more

Water for life, for £10 a month

It can cost as little as £10 per person to provide clean water for life with a sand dam. Please help us support more people in drylands to build sand dams, and grow more food on their farms, transforming lives for generations to come. Read more

Empower women with sand dams

For millions of women in the world’s rural drylands, life is dominated by the burden of collecting water. Can you free them of this burden with a donation? Read more

Transform lives for generations with sand dams

Could you help more people to break free from poverty by supporting them to build sand dams and carry out climate-smart farming, so they have enough water to drink and food to eat? Read more

Creating sustainable futures – leaving no one behind

Support communities like the Ilengeni self-help group in Kenya (pictured) to build sand dams and transform their own lives with lifelong access to water that will ensure no one is left behind. Read more