John Josi

In February of 2020, I'll be traveling with a group of volunteers to rural Kenya. Over the course of a week, I'll be getting my hands dirty, mixing cement, wheelbarrowing rocks, and working with Kenyans to bring safe water to a village by building a sand dam.

A sand dam may sound unusual, but it's one of the most effective ways to bring water to a region wherein 86% of households lack access to water. Women and children spend up to 6, sometimes 12, hours per day traveling to unsafe water sources in order to return with water for themselves and their families. This is time that could be better spent growing food for sustenance and surplus profit, spent going to school or skill-training, or focusing their health.

How does it work? A sand dam traps rainwater, allowing excess to pass over the dam. A pump, installed at the base of the dam, provides villagers with access to the sand-trapped water. This cost-effective and low-maintenance system provides over 40 million liters of water, which can be used for personal hygiene, hydration, agriculture, or livestock. For just under $15 a day, these villagers can access to have clean, safe water for a lifetime.

Excellent Development, a UK-based nonprofit, has a stated goal of providing half-a-billion people (500 million!) access to clean water by 2040. I'm privileged and excited to contribute to their success and hope you can donate to help millions lives healthier, safer, and greater.

To support my trip, I need to raise over $660 dollars. Every bit counts!

John Josi