Leave a legacy of freedom, health and opportunity 

We know that your first priority when making a Will is to provide for those closest to you.

As well as remembering family and friends, some people also decide to leave a gift to a special cause, to make a lasting difference to something they really care about.

Sand dams provide a lifelong supply of water for people living in drylands.

Water changes everything. It brings health, freedom and opportunity.  

Having a water source nearby means that people, especially women and children, can save up to 11½ hours a day. Their lives are completely transformed, for generations to come.

The land surrounding the dam, once dry and inhospitable, over time becomes fertile and green. Parents can use the water, and time saved, to make a living from farming, so they can afford to pay school fees.

Children, no longer drinking contaminated water from unsafe sources, are more healthy and are freed from fetching water to attend a full school day – even going on to study at university, to kick start a promising career. A whole world of opportunity opens up, made possible only by the generosity of supporters like you.

It takes a great many small components to build a sand dam. Whatever you can afford, we will turn it into something important and tangible, that will transform lives for years to come.

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