Excellent Development, alongside our partners the Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF), host annual learning visits in southeast Kenya.

These workshops cover the basics of implementing sand dam programmes, including building the relationships with the community, sand dam siting and design, and riparian conservation. 

The learning visits combine classroom-based teaching and field visits to mature sand dams, potential sand dam sites, and sand dams under construction.

Mike Mwale, from Churches Action in Relief and Development, in Malawi, participated in a learning visit in July 2019. He said:

Mike Mwale, from Churches Action in Relief and Development, in Malawi“I have learnt how ASDF promotes the concept of self-help and togetherness in the communities they are working with. Now I also have the capacity to identify a site for a sand dam, layout the required sand dam components, design the structure and come up with required bills of quantities. This will assist me in the construction of sand dams that we are pioneering here in Malawi.

I have also found new friends from across Africa and mentors to assist us where we may need help during implementation of a sand dam project. 

Thanks again Excellent Development and African Sand Dam Foundation, I can now confidently proceed with assisting our people in Malawi with Sand Dams as a source of potable water.”

If you are interested in implementing sand dams or participating in a learning visit, please contact [email protected] to find out more.