About the region

Mozambique is one of the poorest and most disaster-prone countries in the world. The country is vulnerable to extreme climatic conditions such as droughts, cyclones and floods, which destroy infrastructure and restrict economic growth. This hinders efforts to achieve environmental sustainability and to eradicate poverty and hunger. 

Extreme poverty is prevalent in Mozambique’s rural drylands. More than 70% of poor households live in rural areas with rain-fed agriculture as their main source of food and income. Agricultural productivity is low and most of the rural population survives at subsistence level. In the wake of natural disasters like drought, rural communities are immediately exposed to the threat of food insecurity since they have few income-generating alternatives to agriculture.

The World Food Programme estimates that over half of Mozambique’s households are affected by food insecurity and approximately one-third by chronic food insecurity. In addition, only around 60% of rural people have access to safe water.

About our partnerChristian Council of Mozambique

The Christian Council of Mozambique (CCM) work in each of the 10 provinces in Mozambique. Excellent Development has been working with CCM in Tete, the most north westerly point of Mozambique, since 2010.

Characterised by a semi-arid climate, Tete experiences a single rainy season from November to February meaning that many in the rural areas are without water for the vast majority of the year.

How we're working together

In partnership with Excellent, CCM Tete is currently building five sand dams per year, providing water security to thousands with all the additional benefits that comes with having access to a constant supply of water.

CCM’s specific expertise lies within agriculture. Post sand dam construction, CCM work with communities to develop vegetable plots that not only provide the nutritional needs of the community but act as a business venture to generate income at local markets.