Want to hear about sand dams, their impact, the people that are benefiting from them - and how you can help provide lifelong access to water to those who need it the most? Tune in to our BBC Radio 4 appeal on Sunday, February 24th at 07:55 and 21:25, and again on Thursday, February 28th at 15:25.Sarah Parker

Our presenter will be Sarah Parker (pictured right on a sand dam site and below), one of our amazing and passionate Excellent Development supporters and 2018 sand dam expedition volunteers.

She will be speaking about her first-hand experience in southeast Kenya, where she helped a community to build their first sand dam, the power of sand dams, and how they're changing the lives of so many people in drylands such as Josephine Mueni Kingangi (top photo), a farmer and mother from Kyamuisu self-help group who (before a nearby sand dam was built) used to spend up to 5 hours a day walking to collect dirty water.

Sarah Parker, Excellent DevelopmentSarah will also let you know how you can support us to build 50 sand dams over the next year, providing thousands of people living in drylands with lifelong access to clean water.

February 24th (07:55 and 21:25) and 28th (15:25) on BBC Radio 4 - save the dates, and thank you so much for your support!

Also if you'd like to know more about Sarah, you can connect with her on LinkedIn, or listen here as Sarah explains why she is an Excellent supporter:

To see how sand dams work, watch our animation here:

Got questions about our BBC Radio 4 appeal? Email Dwain Lucktung at [email protected]