Christmas is just around the corner - and so is The Big Give Christmas Challenge!

This year, we are trying to raise £50,000 which, if achieved, will get doubled (by our generous pledgers and our champion funder - the EQ Foundation) to make a total of £100,000. This will go towards supporting four more rural communities in southeast Kenya to build a sand dam each, providing themselves and their families with a lifelong supply of clean water.

Watch here how sand dams work:

If you'd like to make a donation and have it doubled, please save the date - and make sure you donate via our Big Give project page (which will be published here shortly) during the Christmas Challenge period, which runs from midday on Tuesday 3rd December to midday on Tuesday 10th December.

Winfred Peter (pictured) is the Chairlady of Wikwatyo wa Mativo self-help group, southeast Kenya; here she shares how the sand dams that her community has built (with the support of Excellent) has transformed their lives:

“We have really been utilising the water from the sand dam to grow our crops... Food security in the community is going to improve. I can picture ahead that most of the plots here, the land here, will be green with crops. Life will be different for my children and grandchildren.”

To help more people like Winfred to transform their lives with water, and work their way out of poverty, please save the date - and make a donation online via The Big Give project page between midday on Tuesday 3rd December to midday on Tuesday 10th December. Remember - all donations will be match-funded. Double the donations, double the impact!

Thank you so much - we are incredibly grateful for your support.

To have your donations doubled between Tuesday 3rd December and Tuesday 10th December, make sure you save the date to donate!