When people have access to clean water, they can take their future into their own hands, live sustainably, and work their way out of poverty with dignity.

Watch how sand dams work

Film explaining how sand dams work and their potential impact in the world's drylands



Sand dam projects keeping communities "young" and healthy

Meet two southeast Kenyan farmers to discuss the impact on the people and their land since their sand dam projects started in 2014.


Author: Dwain Lucktung

Life before and after a sand dam

After a sand dam project was completed in the Wiriamo community in Mozambique, our partner, the Christian Council of Mozambique, caught up with a local farmer to find out more about the project's impact on her life.


Author: Dwain Lucktung

1,000 sand dams! An Excellent milestone

Programmes Officer, Callum Sheehan, looks at various sand dam success stories as Excellent Development reaches the milestone of enabling 1,000 sand dams in drylands.


Author: Dwain Lucktung

Our Impact


Number of sand dams

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People with access to clean water for life


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Amount raised: £11,219.77


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Our Strategy

  • 1 million sand dams for 0.5 billion people by 2040

    Read about our plan to directly support other organisations to build sand dams, in turn, realising our vision to support millions of the world’s poorest people by helping them to transform their own lives through water and soil conservation in drylands. Read more