My work experience with Excellent Development

Volunteer Alex Perham-Marchant describes his four months working with the Excellent team and learning about sand dams. Read more

My work experience with Excellent Development

23-year-old student Georgia Hales recaps on two weeks spent volunteering at Excellent Development HQ... Read more

My first experience of seeing a sand dam

Sand dam foreman Charlie Taylor documents his first ever sand dam experience whilst working with communities in Kenya and our strategic partners, the Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF). Read more

A word from supporters - Fondation Ensemble

Find out more about our generous supporters, Fondation Ensemble, the impact of our partnership and what we've got planned for the next few years... Read more

Early benefits from a young sand dam

Excellent Development sand dam expeditioner, William Irwen-Bourdillon, sees some incredible early benefits from a sand dam in southeast Kenya and the positive impact it has had on communities. Read more

A word from our supporters - The Explorations Company

Jonathan Drew, Director of The Explorations Company, shares his thoughts on Excellent, the impact of sand dams, and why he's such a fan... Read more

The undeniable power of sand dams

In September 2014, Excellent Development's former Individual Giving Manager, Kirsty Cunningham, joined our sand dam expedition to Kenya. This is her story. Read more

Community-led development in action

Andrew Musila Silu’s commitment to the philosophy of self-help is second to none. In 2010 he took the step of starting Africa Sand Dam Foundation (ASDF), now our strategic partner in Kenya. As Development Director at ASDF, he has retained his values of true community-led development. We asked him what exactly this looks like in practice. Read more

A green "oasis" four years on

Becky Little and Jason Maddrell helped to build a sand dam on an Excellent expedition in 2012. They returned to lead the Excellent 2016 expedition and visited the same community four years’ on, and were astonished to see how much the area has changed. Read more