Support our work in your own way

Fundraising to support Excellent Development's work is a rewarding and fun way to make a difference to the lives of rural communities in drylands. You could use the funds for a sand dam expedition and help a community build a sand dam yourself, or you can make an invaluable gift that will transform lives.

What you can do

There are hundreds of sponsored events or challenges that you could organise to raise funds for Excellent. Just pick something you enjoy doing and get creative. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Run, walk, swim or cycle

Whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or enjoy a more leisurely walk, there’s something for you. You can find running, walking and swimming events all over the country. How about organising your own event to transverse the distance most Kenyan women travel every day to collect water? If you’re feeling ambitious you could even try it with a 20Kg load on your back to represent the weight of water carried by Kenyan women and children every day.

simon bibby

"With the endorphins still sending you skywards - the marathon itself is fantastic. The people shout your name which just keeps picking you up and throwing you forward another 100 yards."

Simon Bibby, Excellent fundraiser and London Marathon runner.

Be a daredevil

Always fancied yourself something of a daredevil? Now’s your chance! Parachute or bungee jump for Excellent. The sky’s the limit.

Go green

Why not double your impact? Organise a community litter pick, street clean or community gardening/seed planting project and raise money for Excellent while improving your own environment.

Throw a party

Love cooking, cocktails or baking? Invite your friends round for an Excellent themed party and raise money for a great cause.

Show off

Do you have a special skill? Are you a champion skateboarder, juggler, or singer? Set yourself the ultimate endurance challenge, a new personal best, or just show off to your friends. Be a star and raise money for Excellent.

Tell people more

Whether it's in front of a school, university class or your company, show people the magic of sand dams, raise a few donations and transform lives.

How to get started

Once you have decided on the challenge or event for you, the easiest way to start raising money is to set up your own Fundraising Page. You can then send the link to your family, friends and colleagues and ask them to support you online. Easy.

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