"We hope to achieve more from this sand dam"

A visit to the Wiriyamo community in Mozambique reveals how life is changing for its residents thanks to a sand dam. Our regional partner, the Christian Council of Mozambique, spoke with a local farmer who says his life has been transformed. Read more

Instigating change for whole families

From an interview with a farmer from Mozambique, we learn how access to water from a sand dam can change the lives of whole families for the better. Read more

Life before and after a sand dam

After a sand dam project was completed in the Wiriamo community in Mozambique, our partner, the Christian Council of Mozambique, caught up with a local farmer to find out more about the project's impact on her life. Read more

Sand dams – freeing families from water and food scarcity

From walking for hours to collect dirty water, to having lifelong nearby access to clean water - that is the kind of transformational impact sand dams can provide. Read more

Securing an "easier, nicer world" for their children

Building a sand dam is hard work. But the pay off lasts for generations. Read more

Excited for sand dam impact in 2019

Hear from a Kenyan community in the final stages of their sand dam build, sharing what their hopes are once they have access to nearby clean water. Read more

Removing the burden of water scarcity

Two farmers from southeast Kenya share the fruits of their labour, and impact thanks to sand dams and access to clean water, Read more

Breaking the cycle of dependency with sand dams

Farmer Veronica Mwende Mutua shares what improvements she and her community will enjoy once their sand dams are built. Read more

Excellent supports over 1 million people to access clean water for life

Excellent caught up with the Kyamukulu self-help group, to discuss their new project, and what it means to be part of the 1 million people that Excellent has supported to access to clean water for life. Read more

What a sand dam would mean to us

The Matumo Tree Growers self-help group was founded in 2012, with the incentive of finding solutions to many issues the community faced due to a lack of access to clean water. We discussed the current situation and future aspirations if they were offered enough funding to build sand dams. Read more

3,200 people benefiting from the Catipo sand dam in Mozambique

In May 2018, Excellent’s Programmes Officer, Callum Sheehan, caught up with some of the members of the Catipo community in Mozambique to see what changes their new sand dam has brought to the community. Read more

Embracing a new era of sand dams and shallow wells

Our partners ASDF (Africa Sand Dam Foundation) report on how a community is reacting to their new, completed sand dams, following their hard work to build them. Read more